Hey! Thanks for stopping by to read my work. I’ve been developing the concepts for over 2 decades and only began writing about them here on Medium in 2017. The essence at the core of my work, and my writing, is about connection, engagement and justice.

I am the founder of Future Story Lab, a platform identifying and activating economic sense making tools for the unfolding future, with a special emphasis on inclusive community engagement spaces, focusing on people with disabilities, women and other historically and systemically disenfranchised community stakeholders.

As you scroll through my articles, you’ll see four main…

P is for Precariat

In sociology and economics, the precariat (/prɪˈkɛəriət/) is a neologism for a social class formed by people suffering from precarity, which means existing without predictability or security, affecting material or psychological welfare. The term is a portmanteau merging precarious with proletariat.[1]

Unlike the proletariat class of industrial workers in the 20th century who lacked their own means of production and hence sold their labor to live, members of the precariat are only partially involved in labor and must undertake extensive unremunerated activities that are essential if they are to retain access to jobs and to decent…

Reclaiming our place in Nature

Just as in the last series, The Awakening Story, I continue to write the poems until the series feels complete. And, once again, I didn’t have an idea of the overarching message until that last poem landed.

Today it became clear: this series has given instructions on how to move from Outrage to Stewardship to reclaim our role as a part of Nature, rather than apart from it.

As we continue to define the path forward, we are demonstrating our commitment to creating places in which this fire moves from one that has the potential…

O is for OODA

The OODA loop is the cycle observe–orient–decide–act, developed by military strategist and United States Air Force Colonel John Boyd. Boyd applied the concept to the combat operations process, often at the operational level during military campaigns. It is now also often applied to understand commercial operations and learning processes. The approach explains how agility can overcome raw power in dealing with human opponents. It is especially applicable to cyber security and cyberwarfare. ~ The OODA Loop

The OODA Loop Decision Cycle via https://www.flexrule.com/archives/decision-cycle-ooda/

Four Essential Questions to Make Better Decisions

I have a theory. We are all born into a question that shapes our perspective on the world, affecting our…

N is for Neighborhood

It all starts with a neighborhood garden…

Singapore Shows What Serious Urban Farming Looks Like

“People have started to resonate with the need for reliable access to food in their own homes and neighborhoods,” says Cuifen Pui, co-founder of the Foodscape Collective, which works with local communities and natural farming practitioners to transform underutilized public spaces into biodiverse edible community gardens. ‘Many Singaporeans are connecting with the concept of food security at a personal level.’

EGC’s focus on natural farming is shared by the Foodscape Collective. It’s co-founder Pui had the opportunity to start a community edible garden in 2013, along with her neighbors. More recently, at the invitation of the…

M is for Mother

Moving from the patriarchy, we root in a new paradigm, embodied by Gaia or Gaea, is the Greek Goddess of the Earth and was believed to have been a deity who governed the universe before the Titans were created.

Over time, Gaia has been giving the title of “Mother Earth” due to her responsibility for creating all life on Earth, her inability to see people suffering and her natural nurturing personality.

The Greek Goddess Gaia

We can understand motherhood as a kind of relational askēsis, whose core is the attentive, attuned pattern-work of sustaining a child’s Umwelt while they are…

Ruth Glendinning

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