2021: Creating a Lexicon of Future

Ruth Glendinning
4 min readMay 14, 2021

V is for Value

What is valuable?

We have been entrained to reduce our interactions with each other to economically measurable transactions, e.g., monetary capital for goods and services. This devalues the additional, invisible capitals in play that brought us to that point: attention, relationship, time, trust and wisdom, aka the ‘keystone capitals’ in our economic ecosystem.

These five keystone capitals were discussed in a podcast episode. Unlocking these forms of soft capital will bring forward unexpected complexity that enriches your investment in neighborhood economics.

What are “keystone capitals?”

Well, think about keystone species within an ecosystem: “a species on which other species in an ecosystem largely depend, such that if it were removed the ecosystem would change drastically.”

As they do in the environment, these keystone capitals bring transformational energies into play, creating a deeper connection between participants, and rooting a sustainable future.

However, without the transactional ‘container’ for this potential, those transformational energies dissipate and the shared future that could have emerged disappears. Thus, we need places in which we can capture that potential and activate its value…e.g., ‘transacting transformation’. ~ Transacting Transformation

The Value of Time…

We’re dying from the minute we are born and often realize, too late, that time is our most valuable resource. This isn’t just because it’s nonrenewable, it’s because it has this incredible capacity to make our experiences more valuable, growing knowledge to wisdom and making us ready for what’s next. ~ The Time Value of Caring

…vs Money

Millennials Are Shaping the Story of Future

Internal Essence…

Essence vs Essential

A value is a belief or philosophy that is held highly meaningful or critically important. We all have values, whether we are consciously…



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