2021: Creating a Lexicon of Future

Revaluing Time

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” ~ Socrates

In 2020, we were forced to examine our deeply ingrained association between time and money: are we only here to make a living? or are we here to make a life?

The Unexamined Life Is Not Worth Living: How Socrates’ 2000-year-old wisdom acts as the simplest form of self-help today. (Photo by Stephen Kraakmo on Unsplash)

Ancient Greeks Had 3 Expressions of Time…



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Ruth Glendinning

Ruth Glendinning

Poet // Future Story Lab // Lexicon of Future // Anti-Fragile Playbook // Peace Economics // FundHer Network // Originator S.L.O.W. Tech // #womenswork