2021: Journeying to Easter

The message has been revealed

Ruth Glendinning
2 min readApr 2, 2021

The Awakening Story

It all started on February 17 2021 when I heard the first 2 stanzas of the poem in my head:

Here to there // There to here

Leap of Faith // Nothing to Fear

This continued for the next 45 days. I dutifully received the messages, found the image and published the poems. Each day I wondered if it would be the last. On April 2nd I got my answer, in total, I was gifted with 68 poems. The sheer number amazed me, but I had no idea what story was being told.

As the number and frequency of the messages increased, I became extremely curious about the story unfolding. Only after the last one fell in place did it occur to me to check the dates of the Divine downloads for any significant pattern and my amazement grew exponentially:

Day One, February 17: First Day of Lent

Day 44, April 1: Last Day of Lent

Day 45, April 2: Good Friday

These poems, taken in total, told a story that speaks to the awakening, expansion, engagement and expression of Christ consciousness.

From February 17th to April 2nd

Lent began on February 17th and this poem emerged…



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