2021: Making Peace with the Economy

Peace is the only solution

Ruth Glendinning
16 min readMay 23, 2021


Dissent is Patriotic, A Mighty Girl

Key Question: Does America desire peace?

Aldous Huxley frequently wrote about Hindu and Buddhist spiritual ideas, pacifism, and mysticism. He renounced all war, and his pacifist views ultimately prevented him from becoming a U.S. citizen. After living in California for 14 years, Huxley and his wife applied for citizenship. However, he refused to say that he would, if necessary, defend the U.S. in wartime. Because his refusal to fight was based on philosophical rather than religious reasons, he realized the government would most likely deny his application, so he withdrew it before they had a chance to turn him down. ~ 10 Fascinating Facts about Aldous Huxley

This exhibition is dedicated to the British writer and pacifist Aldous Huxley (1894–1963). The following quotes against the military system and for nonviolent resistance in the spirit of Mahatma Gandhi are chosen from Huxley’s socio-critical essays. ~ An Encyclopaedia of Pacifism
Created by Robert “Sparky” Brown

“The American defense system has only a coincidental relationship with actual defense. They don’t really care that much about it. What they care about is the money. Defense spending, developing weapons, and doing what they do, is only a means to that end.” ~ Andrew Cockburn author of Spoils of War; KCRW interview War Is a Multi-Trillion-Dollar Racket and the Pentagon Knows It

The First Step is Admitting That We Cannot Afford War

“Whether it’s the younger generation with an unlived story or the older generation with unshared wisdom, we cannot afford to sacrifice any more to wars that financially benefit a few”, with costs paid by everyone else paid in lives, lost potential and generational scarring from the ongoing brutality.



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