2021: Revisiting the Edges

Ruth Glendinning
3 min readMar 10, 2021

Looking back thru my Facebook memories this week is rather difficult.

This is the week in 2009 that we discovered how bad Dad’s health was and that we’d probably not be able to move him from Rockport to Austin.

February 2009: preparing for Dad’s next chapter of living in Austin.

Dad retired in 2006 at the age of 75 and had crafted a great life in Rockport Texas. We talked daily and he visited Austin to spend time with me and my husband Keith and with my sister Bonnie when he could.

At that time, he was in good health, and we had no indication that it wouldn’t continue that way for the foreseeable future. Our outrage was reserved for the cost of housing and reduced quality of life offered in the ‘affordable’ assisted living spaces in Austin:

We finally found something reasonably affordable that would let him continue to live a life of dignity…

And, in our usual fashion, began thinking about a better way. Keith and I were already thinking in these terms after his 3–1/2 months in the hospital in 2008 and the ensuing recovery time.

March 2009: preparing for Dad’s last chapter, dying in Corpus Christi.

I went down to Rockport to stay with my dad the weekend of March 7 2009. I was only there a couple of days because I had to get back to Austin to take care of Keith who was recovering from a 3–1/2 month hospital stay in 2008, which left him on a ventilator 24/7.

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