Exploring the Journey to Christ Consciousness

I have found a graphic artist & an editor who will make them ready to submit to a publisher and then it’s time to change the world!

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Peace is the only solution

Key Question: Does America desire peace?

Aldous Huxley frequently wrote about Hindu and Buddhist spiritual ideas, pacifism, and mysticism. He renounced all war, and his pacifist views ultimately prevented him from becoming a U.S. citizen. After living in California for 14 years, Huxley and his wife applied for citizenship. However, he refused to say that he would, if necessary, defend the U.S. in wartime. Because his refusal to fight was based on philosophical rather than religious reasons, he realized the government would most likely deny his application, so he withdrew it before they had a chance to turn him down. …

Hey! Thanks for stopping by to read my work. I’ve been developing the concepts for over 2 decades and only began writing about them here on Medium in 2017. The essence at the core of my work, and my writing, is about connection, engagement and justice.

I am the founder of Future Story Lab, a platform identifying and activating economic sense making tools for the unfolding future, with a special emphasis on inclusive community engagement spaces, focusing on people with disabilities, women and other historically and systemically disenfranchised community stakeholders.

As you scroll through my articles, you’ll see four main…

W is for Wapenshaw

My father was born in Scotland and I grew up in Houston. Our family became part of the Houston Heather & Thistle Society so that we could learn about our Scottish heritage. The Highland Games was the annual ‘meeting of the clans’ in Houston and, as a kid, I could see that every event reflected the purpose of preparing for war: tossing the caber, the hammer throw, tug o’war and the shot put. Even the dances involved swords.

I recently learned the word Wapenshaw, which could certainly be applied to those Heather & Thistle Society Games, just substituting ‘social’ for…

With heavy heart, soul light as a feather

V is for Vulnerability

It takes strength to flex & flow with the world as it is. It takes vulnerability to be soft enough to receive the seeds of the future and then incubate & birth it as it could be…whether in the form of children, ideas, systems or dragons. ~ The New VC: Vulnerability Capital

Ruth Glendinning

Poet // Future Story Lab // Anti-Fragile Playbook // FundHer Network // Originator SLOW Tech® // #womenswork //

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