Dad & Me

Walter Glendinning, 10.13.31–03.14.09

“Walter Glendinning, age 77, passed March 14, 2009.

It’s been 10 years since Dad passed away. Over these years, there have been untold numbers of times that I’ve wanted to pick up the phone and have one of the long conversations we used to have as I was traveling on this incredible journey to now.

In addition to obvious physical characteristics I inherited from my Dad, I also got his habit of following my intuition taking me to new places, with the deep interest in meeting new people, listening to their stories and finding ways to be…

Hey! Thanks for stopping by to read my work. I’ve been developing the concepts for over 2 decades and only began writing about them here on Medium in 2017. The essence at the core of my work, and my writing, is about connection, engagement and justice.

I am the founder of Future Story Lab, a platform identifying and activating economic sense making tools for the unfolding future, with a special emphasis on inclusive community engagement spaces, focusing on people with disabilities, women and other historically and systemically disenfranchised community stakeholders.

As you scroll through my articles, you’ll see four main…

Ruth Glendinning

Future Story Lab // Anti-Fragile Playbook // FundHer Network // Originator SLOW Tech® // #womenswork //

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