Exploring the Journey to Christ Consciousness

This is the summary of the Awakening Story poems:

From Feb 17 to June 20, I wrote 150+ poems expressing the story of the awakening, expansion, engagement and expression of Christ consciousness.

The four volumes:

Volume 1, Seed: The Awakening StoryThe message of awakening, arising and committing to the next level of our personal and shared journey. This is completely in alignment with the secular work of seeding, rooting and growing sustainable wealth in all its forms.

Volume 2, Root: From Shadow to LightThe message of this series is how to move from Outrage to Stewardship to reclaim our role as a part of Nature, rather than apart from it.

Volume 3, Grow: Dancing with the ShadowNow that we’ve moved from shadow to light, what’s next? The message of this series is that we must find a way to embrace and ‘dance’ with our shadow.

Volume 4, Sustain: Weaving the Shadow and LightThe dance continues and the dancers move closer to each other and nature.

I have found a graphic artist & an editor who will make them ready to submit to a publisher and then it’s time to change the world!

I appreciate you checking it out & donating and sharing if you’re so moved to do: Go Fund Me The Awakening Story

Hey! Thanks for stopping by to read my work. I’ve been developing the concepts for over 2 decades and only began writing about them here on Medium in 2017. The essence at the core of my work, and my writing, is about connection, engagement and justice.

I am the founder…

Ruth Glendinning

Poet // Future Story Lab // Anti-Fragile Playbook // FundHer Network // Originator SLOW Tech® // #womenswork //

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