2021: From Outrage to Stewardship

Ruth Glendinning
2 min readMay 7, 2021

Reclaiming our place in Nature

Just as in the last series, The Awakening Story, I continue to write the poems until the series feels complete. And, once again, I didn’t have an idea of the overarching message until that last poem landed.

Today it became clear: this series has given instructions on how to move from Outrage to Stewardship to reclaim our role as a part of Nature, rather than apart from it.

As we continue to define the path forward, we are demonstrating our commitment to creating places in which this fire moves from one that has the potential to burn everything down to one that provides light and warmth. ~ C.A.L.M.ing the Outrage

Day One — April 6 2021: ‘Writing a New Page’

Day 31 — May 6 2021: Surrendering to Faith

The truth is that remaining in a state of outrage isn’t going to change a thing. It is necessary to recognize how the fire of outrage is being fanned and then to move away from that fire in order to reach a sustainable future.

Fire is a tricky element. Too much burns everything, too little just creates smoke. When it is out of control, it is extremely dangerous and unpredictable. When it’s just right you have warmth and a tool to transform the potential into a sustainable power source.

Ruth Glendinning

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